Jamaica today


One of the most challenging websites we worked on, feature rich and took quiet sometime to come to life (25 pages of custom design and functionality). were approached by the client with a list of specs and user stories.

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Client’s needs

The client wanted an entertainment hub, a one stop for all, the site incorporates various sections which will be hard to mention them all, here’s the highlights;

  • Members area

    You can choose website colors from three different color schemes, post new articles, view a list of posted articles and add user information.
    Allows you to add content through the site’s front end this includes coupons, events and classified ads.

  • Events Section

    A slick representation of an event post type incorporated with in a dynamic calendar; where you can search, filter by events and view event brief on hover.

  • Places to be, Books, Movies, Red carpet

    The use of custom post types and custom fields for better grouping of information and feature richness.

  • Horoscopes, body-mind-soul, Suss (Gossip), fashion

    The site also uses curated content (grabs content from a network of sites) through the well known plugin for curation “publish-this”.

  • Video time line

    TThis section of the website enables you to connect events together whether it’s video, images or any other type of media and build a story out of it for more interaction with the site vistors.