• Infrastructure Solutions

    Infrastructure involves all technologies, platforms, operating systems, telecommunications, applications and networks.
    The Information Infrastructure Line of Business provides a variety of professional services ranging from integration to system management. The various services offered include data protection, security solutions, enterprise management, system administration, communication and networking infrastructure.
    Start solutions is able to offer its clients solutions to align business strategies and increase system availability and operational efficiency.
    Our Information Infrastructure solutions covers; Configuration, design and implementation of the following servers:

    • Domain controller
    • File Server
    • Terminal server
    • Printer server
    • Exchange server
    • Backup server
    • ISA server
    • Antivirus

  • Network and Security Solutions

    Security management for networks is different for all kinds of situations. A home or small office may only require basic security while large businesses may require high-maintenance, advanced software and hardware to prevent malicious attacks from hacking to spamming.

    Benefits of securing data centers and networks include:

    • Securing the network infrastructure
    • Modular network growth
    • Network high availability.

  • Data Center Solutions

    This solution is comprised of a centralized location where all end servers, storage, network devices and other devices that support company’s IT operations are installed. The purpose of deploying a data center is to provide a secure, controlled environment for core data processing, storage and transmission. Data centers are usually equipped with server racks, cable trays (power and data), air conditions/air flow and UPSs. Environmental monitoring devices for temperature, fire detection and power meters are also implemented to make sure that IT systems are secure and stable for continuous operation.

    Benefits of Solution:

    • Computer room layout and design
    • Data center electrical systems
    • Data center cooling
    • Data center telecommunications and cabling
    • Data center security and fire protection
    • Automation and control systems

    Our Data Center Solutions involve the various building blocks necessary for dynamic data center infrastructure, disaster recovery and high availability, and data center transformation and cloud information systems.